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Pool Room

2009 / USA / Color / Sound / 57min

Joshua Saunders, Kristina Boswell, Dustin Saunders, Jared Ritz

Director, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer

Ian Clark

Written by

Joshua Saunders and Ian Clark

Brett Allen, Window Walkers

Co-Executive Producers
Brenda Jackson and Joel Clark

Associate Producers

Joshua Saunders, Brett Allen, Jared Ritz, Dustin Saunders, Kristina Boswell

Sound Editor
Nolan McCormick

Poster Design
Matt Trigaux, Ian Clark

Dates of Production
June 2008 • Austin, TX USA


"I loved how the character unfolded, peeling off and revealing layers like an onion skin.
A beautiful debut."
Dustin Guy Defa, director, BAD FEVER

"After a couple minutes you lose yourself in the visuals and the music and the flow of the story."Chris Weidner, SHORT FILM TEXAS


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