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2013 / USA / Color / Sound / 67min

Ian Clark, Nandan Rao, Sarah Nance, Robert Collier Beam (voice)

Director, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer
Ian Clark

Additional Photography
Nandan Rao

An experimental self-portrait, MMXIII explores phenomenological subtlety, intersections of construct and verité, and the ways in which technology, landscape, and beauty coalesce. Here, an artist investigates moving images and the nature of image construction, blurring lines between cinema, still photography, and performance art.

Date of Production
Dec 2011 - Dec 2012 • Oregon USA

LA Ciné Salon (online)
Filmmaker Magazine 2014 (online release)
Micro-Wave Cinema Series 2014
Eastern Oregon Film Festival 2014 (online)
Northwest Filmmakers' Festival 2013
New Orleans Film Festival / Cinema Reset 2013 (world premiere)


"The utilitarian act of image-capturing coalescing with the otherworldly act of image-creating, projecting one back onto the other [...] blurring the realities of origin into a hazy smudge."
Kevin Rakestraw, FILM PULSE

"A complete masterpiece."Brandon Colvin, MICRO-WAVE CINEMA SERIES

"There is a beautiful balance between [the] visual and sound design, and ideas gently emerge as to how we relate to nature, technology, and the past. Somehow in the end, I felt more story and emotion watching MMXIII than in most films I see."
Patrick Wang, director, THE GRIEF OF OTHERS

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Filmmaker Magazine


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